Our products come in different scents and some are unfragranced too. Take a look to see which products come in your favourite fragrance below.

Baby Powder

Gentle notes of floral blossoms, comforting vanilla, and subtle musk combine to create a soothing aroma that is both calming and gentle.

Candy Floss

The aroma of cotton candy swirling with hints of fruity goodness creates a delectable and playful scent that will transport you to a place of carefree fun and sugary bliss.


Dive into a world of vibrant sweetness and fruity indulgence as the bold aroma of succulent cherries fills the air, awakening your senses with its rich and enticing fragrance.


Delicate notes of fluffy vanilla, caramelized sugar, and a hint of warm, toasted marshmallow enveloping you in a cloud of sweetness.


This vibrant fragrance captures the essence of fresh pomegranate seeds, enhanced with hints of floral undertones and a touch of citrus zest.


Luscious fragrance combining the succulent notes of ripe berries with a hint of floral sweetness, capturing the essence of summer bliss in a bottle


Simple un-fragranced products, designed with your skin in mind, more natural and friendly.

Vanilla Twist

This exquisite fragrance captivates with its unique fusion of sweetness, citrusy freshness, and earthy warmth, creating a luxurious olfactory experience that is both captivating and refined.


This vibrant fragrance captures the essence of ripe watermelon, with its crisp and mouthwatering notes, blended with a touch of tropical fruitiness to create a symphony of freshness.


From the fruity freshness of blueberries to the calming presence of lavender, and the rich depth of sandalwood and white amber, Xtreme is a fragrance that demands attention and leaves a lasting impression of opulence and intrigue.