Saorsa Cosmetics is a Scottish beauty brand with high standards and ethics providing high quality, vegan, cruelty free and paraben free products. Our products are made with EcoCert, natural ingredients (including our naturally derived DHA in our tanning products), contain no harsh chemicals and are never tested on animals.

Saorsa Cosmetics was created by me, Jennifer Bòidheach. I endured a tough end to 2019 which included an 8 month cancer scare, when I found a colour and shape changing mole (which is a sign of Melanoma, you can find more information on this form of skin cancer here). My whole life I have taken skin protection very seriously as I had a mole of the same characteristics removed when I was only 4 years old.

Once I had my 2019 biopsy taken I had to wait well into 2020 for my results (due to lab delays caused by the pandemic). Luckily the results came back clear but from October 2019 right through until I had my results I was stuck in limbo, not knowing what the future held.

After all I endured at the end of 2019 and into 2020 I felt the need for a fresh start, a need to build a legacy for only for my 5 children but future generations of my family and give myself a sense of freedom in the here and now…

The company reflects my own strong ethical and moral beliefs…Saorsa means freedom in Scottish Gaelic…as a Scottish woman looking for some freedom in her life it feels like the company name is just meant to be!

Self Tan Mousse
Island Glow - Luxury Self Tan Mousse - Perfume Inspired

The packaging I have chosen is reusable, can be recycled and in some cases is refillable.

My values and morals are reflected in Saorsa’s products, the campaigns I chose to back and charitable causes I donate a percentage of Saorsa’s profits towards through my partnership with B1G1’s business for good initiative! You can find out more about this initiative and our contribution to it here here.