Giving Back

Saorsa Giving in partnership with B1G1: Business For Good

With #SaorsaGiving we have partnered with one of the world’s most impactful charitible projects B1G1: Business For Good, working with the United Nations and contributing to their Sustainable Goals.

Of the 450 projects that are part of B1G1 today, there are more than 50 projects that specifically target environmental issues. They also have unique carbon-offset solutions for businesses to offset their office and employee emissions easily by helping to plant trees, alleviate food wastage as well as to provide access to renewable energy appliances (i.e. solar lamps and cookers) in rural communities.

B1G1 also distribute funds to a wide range of tree-planting projects around the world so that members can support reforestation initiatives at approximately US $1 per tree. That makes it easy for us to help plant more trees whenever we celebrate great business milestones and accomplishments.

For every sale we make we will be giving back to many global projects, helping millions of people, animals and all kinds of environments right across the world!

It’s more than just giving back; it’s making an impact where it’s needed most!

See our impacts counter for the kind of impacts doing business with us has helped us achieve.