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Learn more about the Sintillate Talent and Saorsa Cosmetics partnership.

Set up by Jennifer Boidheach, Saorsa was a business plan aiming to enable Jennifer to provide a better life for her family whilst having the opportunity to spend more time with them. ‘Saorsa’ is Scottish Gaelic for freedom, a concept that describes the purpose of the business.

Due to a melanoma scare, Jennifer is passionate about cancer awareness and early prevention. As a result, Saorsa Cosmetics is MASCED Accredited by Skcin Charity and raises awareness of the importance of sun safety which has been said to prevent approximately 86% of melanoma cases. Saorsa is also keen to give back and are partnered with Buy1Give1, a charity that brings together over 2,600 different businesses with a common purpose; to make a positive difference. A percentage of proceeds from each sale at Saorsa is donated to worldwide projects which help communities, animals and the environment.

Saorsa are also both vegan & cruelty free, meaning that all products are not derived from animal substances and are also not tested on animals. In addition, Saorsa are an eco-conscious brand ensuring that all packaging is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

About the tan:

Saorsa has a variety of tanning products including:

– a gradual tan;

– instant tan;

– express tan; and

– a self tan mousse.

They also stock a velvet mitt and a tan remover mousse, the perfect additions for every tanning session.

The self-tan mousse comes in several different shades, including: Light, Medium, Dark, Extra Dark or Ultra Dark. Customers can also select from a range of scents including Baby Powder, Cherry, Chocolate, Melon or Strawberry; preventing the fake tan ‘biscuit smell’. This is something that really sets Saorsa apart from its competitors as it provides customisable scents suited to individual preferences.

Product Feedback/Review:

Sarah Hartley: ‘It’s a really luxurious tan to use – so smooth to apply and the scent is amazing!’

Emily Thorne: ‘A natural glowy tan – the scents are to die for’

Jodie Harrigan: ‘Light feel, gorgeous colour and smells delicious!’

Why Sintillate are so proud to work with Saorsa:

Saorsa have worked with one of the UK’s leading talent agencies, Sintillate Talent, to promote their products. Set up in 2020 by Chief Executive Officer Sinan Sahin, Sintillate Talent have gone from strength to strength, managing approximately 400 influencers to date and working with over 126 brands worldwide.

The award-winning talent agency has been presented as the agency most ‘Supporting Mental Health Across Social Media’ at the National Social Media Awards, October 2021. Due to the growth of the company, Sintillate Talent have a number of supportive roles alongside the CEO including a Community Manager and Well-being Manager. This sets Sintillate Talent apart from its competitor agencies as they genuinely care about the well-being of their talent and input strategies and teams to ensure this happens. Scott Aquilina, Well-being Manager, is a qualified CBT therapist and has extensive knowledge of mental health and therapy. He therefore is equipped to provide appropriate support to any talent, should they require it. Scott also provides regular tips to stay positive and healthy.

Recently speaking in an interview with Influence Weekly, Sinan stated “We are not just about getting the job done which is the mindset of a lot of agencies. Our main core value is that we have to support these people, because they are working alone.” He goes on to say “When I ask influencers why Sintillate and not another agency, they say opportunities is a big reason but also the feeling of community, family and support toward the mental health element.”

Sintillate Talent are proud to work with Saorsa Cosmetics in line with one of their key values, ‘Grow’. Their focus is to bridge the gap and connect micro influencers with small businesses to enable them both to grow organically. Talent under Sintillate Talent can have anywhere between 3,000 to 150,000 followers on Instagram. Working with them on a monthly basis, Saorsa has had the opportunity to work with a number of talent, providing their products for an honest review on social media.

Sintillate Talent are also proud to have Saorsa supporting them.

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