What does our Cherry fragrance smell like?

The scent of cherry is a delightful blend of several notes that can be described as:

  • Sweet and fruity: This is the most prominent aspect of the cherry aroma. It’s a juicy, inviting sweetness that reminds you of summer and ripe fruit.
  • Tart or tangy: Accompanying the sweetness is a lighter tartness that adds complexity and keeps the scent from being overly cloying. It’s like a hint of pleasant sourness.
  • Floral: Ripe cherries have a subtle floral note that some people liken to roses or violets. This adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall scent.
  • Almonds: There’s a faint almond-like nuance to the cherry scent, particularly from the pits. This is due to a compound called benzaldehyde, which is present in both cherries and almonds.

Here’s an analogy to paint a picture: Imagine a bowl of fresh, ripe cherries on a summer day. The sweetness of the fruit fills the air, but there’s a hint of tartness that keeps it interesting. You might also catch a fleeting whiff of floral perfume from nearby blooms. And perhaps there’s the subtlest suggestion of almonds in the background. That’s the essence of the cherry scent!

It’s worth noting that the intensity and specific characteristics of the aroma can vary depending on the cherry variety, ripeness, and how they were grown. For example, sweet cherries tend to have a stronger, sweeter scent, while tart cherries might be more acidic-forward.